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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Holistically Minded Folks in Your Life

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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Holistically Minded Folks in Your Life

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Giving gifts to the holistically minded folks in your life doesn’t have to be hard when you have a great resource for teas, herbs, & essential oils!

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Ask me what I want for Christmas (birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day) – I would likely give you some flip answer like “do my laundry”, “clean my fridge”, or “vacuum my Suburban.” Come to think of it, if somebody took me up on that, I would likely cry tears of joy.  BUT, I also might cry tears of joy with a few thoughtful gifts from my favorite resource for all things herbal and holistic, Mountain Rose Herbs.

When you are making your list and checking it twice this season, consider a few of these choices for the holistically minded people in your life:

holiday gift for the holistically jar

For the jar-heads:  I would be the first to admit that I have a jar hoard.  I am not ashamed.  I buy jars, I take all the cast-offs from others and I have only recently started sending all (okay, most) of the jars from purchased foods directly to recycling. But these swing-top French “Le Parfait” jars – swoon.  Give me a wire bale closure glass jar and I will make you things.  Seriously –it’s that simple.  And I know that I am not the only person that gets all misty-eyed at the simple beauty of these babies.  On, and they are pretty super for putting things in too.

holiday gift for the holistically tea and mug

Tea time: It is no secret that this girl can whip up a tea blend with both hands tied behind my back.  But, I do so love when somebody does that work for me.  Teas like this spicy Firefly Chai and Blossoms of Health are so delightful.  All the better served in a “Make Tea Not War” mug that keep your tea piping hot for practically ever.

holiday gift for the holistically minded book

Alllll the herbal books: My herbal library might well have its own gravitational pull these days, and each tome has its place.  I absolutely love Breverton’s Complete Herbal uniquely old-world approach to an herbal compendium.  Full of beautiful black and white illustration and interesting anecdotes, this is definitely a book that I can just sit and read with a cup of tea on a rainy day.

holiday gift for the holistically minded essential oil kit

Get in touch with your chakras: This kit is perfect for those that love essential oils and have a burgeoning interest in Aryuvedic tradition.  This sampler kit of eight amazing essential oil blends can be used to when meditating on and exploring the chakra concepts.  I am thinking I need all the root chakra blend to keeping me grounded throughout the holiday season.

holiday gift for the holistically diffuser

A different kind of diffuser: Just this gorgeous, sleek essential oil diffuser made from sustainable wood sources.  Ahhhh.  This ultrasonic diffuser uses water as a carrier to gently diffuse essential oils into a room and add an element of humidity. The elegant modern design is easy to use and is at home is practically any décor. Also, you can switch on a colored light feature – it’s kinda hypnotizing when paired with the gentle percolating sounds of the diffuser.


MORE herbs:  When in doubt, an MRH shopping spree by way of a gift certificate will always be well received.  Because there are just so many herbs.  So many that we don’t have yet.  And the favorites ones that we just ran out of (I finally started buying chamomile by the pound, because who am I kidding anyway).  Or even the ones that we can’t bring ourselves to buy because of their extravagance but want ever so much (like this vanilla powder).  I love growing and wildcrafting my herbs, but MRH is a veritable candy store for this herbalist.

I hope that this gives you just a few ideas for holiday gifts for your favorite holistically minded folks!

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Devon is a writer and author on subjects of holistic and sustainable living. She has a degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, and her first book, The Backyard Herbal Apothecary, was published by Page Street Publishing in Spring 2019. Devon's work outside of can be seen at,,, and in the magazine The Backwoods Home. Devon's second book, The Herbalist's Healing Kitchen, will be published Fall 2019.

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