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Medicinal Mushroom Hot Cocoa with Red Belted Polypore

Medicinal mushroom hot cocoa with red belted polypores nourishes, comforts and soothes with dark, earthy, and bittersweet flavors. This medicinal hot cocoa offers immunity and gastrointestinal health benefits. There are certain times of year when I began to crave deep…

Warming Healing Golden Milk Spiced Chai

A viscerally warming blend of turmeric & traditional spices makes this golden milk spiced chai a soothing, comforting latte style tea with healing benefits Ask a room full of herbalists what the first anti-inflammatory herb that comes to their mind…

Sacred Heart Tulsi, Rose and Hawthorn Chai

Honor your sacred heart with this tulsi, rose, and hawthorn chai. This warming, relaxing blend of herbs and traditional chai spices will soothe and protect. Some days it’s just hard to be hopeful.  Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the…

Spiced Hawthorn and Rose Hip Mead for a Joyful Heart

A beverage for a joyful heart! Spiced hawthorn and rose hip mead marries herbal medicine with fermented libation. A jolly cheers to you and yours! Fall has most certainly arrived.  Heavy Pacific Northwest winds and rains have rendered most of…

Douglas Fir: Folklore & Medicinal Uses

As the ubiquitous tree of the Pacific Northwest, Douglas fir has a rich folklore, history and abundant food and medicinal use.  Try a Douglas fir tea recipe for respiratory support. Douglas fir is a thing of scent memories.  From my…

The Tale of Two Walnuts

Embracing all that the walnuts have to offer, recipes for vin de noix/nocino/walnut wine and pickled English walnuts might just tickle your walnut fancy. I have great affinity for all things walnut.  When I was a “wee” one, my great…

Nerve Restorative Adaptogenic Herbal Tea

 This Nerve Restorative Adaptogenic Herbal Tea is a blend of herbs that promotes balance of the mind, body and spirit to assist one with response to stress. If you read my previous post on herbal coffee, you already have a…

Stomach Soothing Herbal Tea

This flavorful, soft and comforting Stomach Soothing Herbal Tea will help to relieve all sorts of belly discomfort for the young and old! There comes a time in all of our lives that we do something that our stomachs just…

Adaptogenic Herbal Coffee Blend for Tired & Stressed People

This rich and satisfying adaptogenic herbal coffee blend recipe will supply you with flavor and energy from the adaptogenic ingredients! I have a confession to make…  I am a hardened coffee addict.  Like bad.  Like splitting headache/not functional tired if…

About Me

About Me

Meet the Nitty Gritty Mama, Devon!

I am an herbalist, farmer, cook, and forager. I get my hands dirty and am not afraid to do things the "hard way". Sharing my Nitty Gritty Life with you! Read More



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