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DIY Bath & Beauty: Radiant Rose Facial Mask for a Glowing Complexion

devon 3 Comments

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DIY Bath & Beauty: Radiant Rose Facial Mask for a Glowing Complexion

Devon 3 Comments

Radiance & beauty with three ingredients – French green clay, rose hips & rose petals. This facial mask is a perfect DIY solution for a glowing complexion.

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It’s something that we are all after, right?  Who doesn’t want to be radiant?  Not necessarily just for the enjoyment of others, but most importantly for ourselves.  Radiance most surely comes from within, but sometimes our outsides are lackluster and dull.  Stress, poor sleep, chronic illness, and hormonal imbalances can all rob our outer shell, our skin, of its vital glow.

Good thing restoring our glow and radiance is actually rather simple.  And unlike the department store skin care lines would have you believe – radiance does not have to come with a hefty price tag.  In fact, using just a few really simple ingredients from my favorite herbal supplier Mountain Rose Herbs, achieving a radiant complexion just plain easy.

As the weather turns cooler, and my attention to holidays and gift giving, two things always suffer – my skin and my pocketbook.  Creating beautiful, natural, effective skincare for myself and my loved ones becomes an obvious wise use of my time and resources.  How about a simple facial mask, in a big enough batch that you can tuck away a jar for yourself and give a few out as gifts?

I have used my radiant rose facial mask formula for years.  Can I just tell you, when I manage to remember to use this mask one or two times a week (busy life means I pretty much have to schedule in the most basic of self-care these days), how much fresher and brighter my complexion is?  How people DON’T ask me if I am tired?  That I am actually complimented on my skin (who me – with the misfiring endocrine system and stress breakouts?)?

It is all about the rose, really.

Rose Facial Mask Ingredients

The formula is really simple – a good quality dry clay, rose hips, and rose petals.  That’s it.  Just three ingredients and a couple minute of work for a batch of a facial mask to enjoy and share.  Why these ingredients?  Thank you for asking:

French Green Clay
This mineral-rich clay helps absorb skin-dulling oils and impurities from the skin’s surface, revealing cleaner, fresher skin.  It has an extremely fine and soft texture making it fine wonderfully luxurious on the skin.  This exceptional clay provides an excellent foundation for this facial mask.

 Rose Hip Powder
Rose hips are abundant in vitamin C.  The cosmetic and skincare industry has long used vitamin C in its various forms to brighten, tighten, and revitalize the complexion. The gentle fruit acids present in rose hips offering gentle exfoliating action to restore luster and translucency to your skin.

 Rose Petals
Besides being fragrant and soothing to your senses, rose petals are wonderful for the skin.  Rose petals are a gentle astringent, promoting firmness and resilience in the skin texture while also helping to prevent moisture loss.  Its exceptionally soothing properties also help to reduce redness and sensitivity.

This radiant rose facial mask is prepared as a dry mixture giving it an exceptionally long shelf life.  To use, simply tap a small amount out of the jar into your palm.  Mix with a small about of water or honey (if you are feeling especially indulgent) and apply in a thin layer across your face.  Allow the mask to set and tighten slightly – about 5-10 minutes, rinse and enjoy brighter, more radiant skin.

This recipe makes about four 2oz tins of the mask – plenty to offer as gifts, while also keeping a supply for yourself.  I encourage you to take just a few minutes to make a batch of this radiant rose mask – it is well worth the minimal effort for a very soothing and revitalizing reward!

Rose Facial Mask Recipe

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Radiant Rose Facial Mask

Radiance & beauty with three ingredients - French green clay, rose hips & rose petals. This facial mask is a perfect DIY solution for a glowing complexion.  Makes about four 2oz containers.


  • 1 cup rose petals dried
  • 1/2 cup French green clay dried
  • 1/4 cup rose hip powder dried


  • In a coffee grinder or a small "bullet" style blender, process rose petals to a fine powder.  Transfer to small bowl or jar and add clay and rose hip powder.  Stir to combine well.  Transfer into small 2oz tins or jars for gifting.

How to Use Mask

  • Tap a small amount of the dry mask into the palm of your hand.  Add water or honey until you have a thick paste.  Apply mask to warm, slightly damp skin and allow to dry for about 5-10 minutes.  Use warm water and a washcloth to remove.  Moisturize lightly and enjoy refreshed radiant skin.  Use 1-3x weekly.

Feeling inspired?  Try this rose cold process soap.  It is so easy!

Rose Facial Mask


Devon is a writer and author on subjects of holistic and sustainable living. She has a degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, and her first book, The Backyard Herbal Apothecary, was published by Page Street Publishing in Spring 2019. Devon's work outside of can be seen at,,, and in the magazine The Backwoods Home. Devon's second book, The Herbalist's Healing Kitchen, will be published Fall 2019.

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  • Jill November 30, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    I love this recipe. I love anything with Rose. I happen to have a big unopened container of bentonite clay. Could I use that in place of the French green clay?

    • Devon November 30, 2017 at 4:00 pm

      Thanks, Jill! You can absolutely sub the bentonite clay — it is a wonderful clay!

  • Melony March 27, 2021 at 6:19 pm

    5 stars
    If I have rose powder instead of rose petals, do I still add a cup or should I half it? Loved the recipe for the mask!

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