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Oh, Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding

This figgy pudding, steeped in tradition, is sure to excite even the Ebenezer Scrooge types with its fruity sweetness & spectacular flaming presentation. Create new Christmas traditions with this figgy pudding recipe. “Oh, bring us some figgy pudding and a…

Frothy Douglas Fir Infused Eggnog

Frothy, lightly spiced, and delightfully balsamic, this Douglas fir infused eggnog is a forage-y spin on this classic holiday drink! I gave my husband a sample of this Douglas fir infused eggnog.  He drank it with the hearty gusto of…

Magical Douglas Fir Shortbread Cookies

Magical, foraged & festive, these Douglas fir (ubiquitous tree of the Pacific Northwest) shortbread cookies with allspice and ginger are sure to delight! As luck or Mother Nature would have it, the unprecedented hot dry summer has spiraled into a…

Perfect Spiced Pumpkin Bread for Fall Comfort

Divinely pumpkin-y & subtly sweet, this spiced pumpkin bread calls for little more than a pat butter and a cozy blanket with a fire on a crisp morning! I have never really been on the “pumpkin spice” bandwagon. Most “pumpkin…

Double Dark Chocolate Cookies

Blissfully dark and deliciously naughty, these double dark chocolate cookies play well with cold milk OR red wine… Last but certainly not least in my veritable Christmas Cookie Compendium series are the seriously sumptuous Double Dark Chocolate Cookies. What?!  You…

Festive Snickerdoodle Cookie

A year round favorite, this Snickerdoodle cookie is a perfect simple treat. A splash of eggnog to the batter adds some festive flair for the holidays. I would love to know what the etymology of the Snickerdoodle is.  What a…

Soft & Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies

A holiday cookie worth the effort no matter the time of year. These Ginger Molasses cookies are perfectly soft and chewy! Somewhere along the lines in my adulthood, I have become the chief cookie maker for my extended family.  Funny,…

Christmas Cheer in a Cup: Nutella Hot Cocoa

Frothy, delicious hot cocoa featuring the decadent and lovely Nutella! With a scarf wrapped snugly around my raw and swollen throat (because, yes, even this crunchy, natural, herbal mama catches the crud from time to time), we embarked on our…

About Me

About Me

Meet the Nitty Gritty Mama, Devon!

I am an herbalist, farmer, cook, and forager. I get my hands dirty and am not afraid to do things the "hard way". Sharing my Nitty Gritty Life with you! Read More



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