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Luscious Slow Cooker Plum Butter

Plum butter made in the slow cooker results in a rich, flavor fruitful spread ever so slightly nuanced with the almond notes of the plum pits. There is a great shift happening. The mornings are cold and dewy, although the…

Amazing Apple Pie Filling & the Perfect Pastry Crust

Set aside a little time now, and can up some apple pie filling for amazingly fast, future desserts. Recipe for a perfect pastry crust included! I think my husband resolved to make me his wife the first time I made…

Slow Cooker Homemade Ketchup

Use the bounty of your tomato harvest to make some delicious slow cooker homemade ketchup that even the kiddos will love!  Perhaps, your kids are like mine – and everything is better with ketchup.  Perhaps it is just an unquestionable…

The Perfect Canned Salsa

Just be prepared to make more than one batch of this perfect canned salsa! You won’t want to ever be without a few jars in the pantry! The first thing that I ever learned to can, and can well, was…

Fruit & Fire: Cherry Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Cherry Chipotle BBQ Sauce is sweet, smoky and satisfyingly spicy. Created with tart pie cherries, this bbq sauce is best paired with pork! To tell you the truth I have never been good at that thing called balance.  Especially during…

Fruit & Flowers: Blueberry Lavender Jam

Blueberry Lavender Jam combines some of the best flavors and scents of summer, to be preserved and revisited throughout the year. Here is an embarrassing story…  When I was about four years old I politely declined a peanut butter and…

About Me

About Me

Meet the Nitty Gritty Mama, Devon!

I am an herbalist, farmer, cook, and forager. I get my hands dirty and am not afraid to do things the "hard way". Sharing my Nitty Gritty Life with you! Read More



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